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The Joey James Law Firm is a group of individuals committed to fully understanding how people have been poisoned and acting against those corporations that have chosen to harm in their quest for profits.

It is a team of people, scientists, geneticists, engineers, chemists, data analytics experts, toxicologists and doctors all teaming together to prove the cause of injury you or someone you love now suffers. Communities across this nation have been contaminated by corporate bad actors, such as poisoning our land, air, and water.  By using the most advanced scientific methods we now can better understand how chemicals are poisoning us.  Through the application of new and advanced technologies, we now have a window into the body.  We can now understand how these chemicals are getting into our bodies and injury contamination at a cellular level.  Just as Genes can tell us where our great, great grandfather came from, these advanced technologies can also tell us if and how we are being poisoned.  It is the mission of this firm to prove with advanced technologies how you or someone you love has been poisoned.  We must hold corporations who choose to poison communities and environments responsible.  Only with this resolve can we compensate those injured and protect generations to come.         

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