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There have been huge amounts of data compiled from many studies over the past century. This data explores the toxicity and harmful effects of Mercury. 

Please find below a list of some of the top resources we have compiled. All of these are sourced from National and State Governmental agencies, Global organizations, and leading Research Institutions and publications. 

Toxic Substances Portal - Mercury

Toxicological Profile for Mercury   

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - Mercury

NIOSH - Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - Mercury

EPA's Mercury Website

EPA's Report to Congress on Mercury

 Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Mercury Website

Poison Plants: Chlorine Factories are a Major Global Source of Mercury

World Health Organization's International Program on Chemical Safety Mercury Report

The United Nations Environmental Program's Global Mercury Assessment

The European Union's European Commission's Reach Program on Mercury

Controlling Metallic Mercury Exposure in the Workplace - A Guide for Employers
      New Jersey Deportment of Health, Occupational Health Service

Worker Protection During Mercury Electrolysis Cell Plant Decommissioning
     Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, June 2012. Besson, Augarde, and Nasterlack

Mercury and Your Health - Information about Mercury and Exposure    
     Michigan State Department of Health & Human Services, 

The Toxicology of Mercury - Mercury's History of Danger
     The Toxicology of Mercury, Anthony Carpi, April 2001

Assessing Mercury Exposures - Exposures, Doses, Testing, and How They Relate
     New York State Department of Health, Environmental Chemicals - Mercury

 Mercury Resource Website - Health Effects, Clean Up, Guidance, and Advice
     New York State Department of Health, Environmental Chemicals - Mercury

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