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Mercury - Poisoning our Communities


For many years industries have used mercury in their industrial processes.  With the knowledge of how toxic mercury is to the human body, they have still chosen to contaminate those families in and around their facilities. If you live in one of these communities it is critically important that you view some of the videos below to familiarize yourself with the dangers your family may be facing.  If you were living next door to a nuclear reactor you would be concerned.  Mercury is no different. In many cases, much worse.

Mercury – What is it?

Mercury is a highly toxic element. It vaporizes at room temperature and the vapors are neurotoxic, killing neurons and other molecular structures throughout the body. 

Mercury – How do you know if you are Poisoned by Mercury?

Mercury is most dangerous when it is inhaled.  You cannot see it, smell it, or even taste it.  While you breath it in it is damaging your body at a cellular level. 

Mercury – Injury to Pregnant Women and Children

Mercury is a serious neurotoxin, especially to pregnant women and young children.  While the young brain and organs are developing, mercury is destroying vital molecular structures.  This destruction can lead to neuropsychological (brain damage) and general organ damage, if not failure. 

Mercury – How can my family get exposed?

Mercury and mercury vapor clings to everything it touches.  While working with Mercury, you or your loved ones, can bring it home.  Once in the home, it continually vaporizes and can cause to harm everyone within the home. 

Mercury – Government and Environmental Groups

Mercury is so harmful that Congress has conducted special investigations on its impact to our children and communities. A link to the thorough investigation and research may be found HERE.

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