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Union Carbide is a Delaware corporation that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. From 1942-1981 Union Carbide owned or operated several industrial facilities in Ashtabula, including the facilities located at 3509 Middle Road. Union Carbide owned the industrial facility from 1962-1974, Union Carbide leased the facilities to Detrex. Now, Union Carbide is a wholly subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.[1]

Detrex is a Michigan corporation, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. At various time from 1963 to 1978, Detrex owner and/or operated industrial facilities, including the chlor-alkali plant and a fine chemicals plant, located at 3509 Middle Road in Ashtabula. Detrex operated the Ashtabula chlor-alkali plant between 1963 and 1974, and Detrex operated the Ashtabula fine chemicals plant between 1969 and 1978. In 1974 Detrex acquired the chlor-alkali and fine chemicals plant. Later that same year, Detrex sold the cholr-alkali and fine chemicals plant to Sobin Chemicals, a predecessor of Mallinckrodt LLC. Detrex preceded to lease back the fine chemicals plant, which it operated until 1978.

Mallinckrodt is a Delaware limited liability company, headquartered in Hazelwood, Missouri. Mallinckrodt LLC is a successor to, or otherwise assumed certain liabilities of, Mallinckrodt Inc. (formerly known at various times as Mallinckrodt Group Inc., IMCERA Group Inc., and International Minerals & Chemical Corporation (“IMC”)), including liabilities arising from ownership/and or operation of industrial facilities located at 3509 Middle Road in Ashtabula at various times from 1974 to at least 1982. As a result of a corporate merger with Sobin Chemicals, Inc. in 1975, IMC became the owner of the chlor-alkali plant and the fine chemicals plant located at 3509 Middle Road. Following the merger, IMC operated the chlor-alkali plant until at least 1982, while Detrex Corporation continued to operate the final chemicals plant (pursuant to a lease with IMC's predecessor) until 1978, when the fine chemicals plant was decommissioned. As a result of the 1975 merger, IMC also succeeded to the liabilities of Sobin Chemicals, Inc., which owned both the chlor-alkali plant and the fine chemicals plant after them from Detrex Corporation in 1974, and which operated the chlor-alkali plant prior to the merger with IMC.

Linchem operated in the industrial facilities located at 3509 Middle Road from at least 1989-1992.  

In 1992, ASHTA Chemicals opened its corporate offices and plant in Ashtabula, Ohio, acquiring facilities that had been operating since the early 1960s at 3509 Middle Road. ASHTA Chemicals management has since positioned the company for profitable growth with the purchase of Olin Chemical's potassium products business in 1993, design and implementation of a closed loop zero-discharge water treatment system and the construction of a new potassium carbonate plant in 1995. ASHTA Chemicals' focus is on markets and products that provide sustained, profitable growth for core potassium hydroxide chemistry. The distribution system was significantly expanded in 1998 to provide ample product in key chemical markets. In addition to the Ashtabula plant and offices, the company services customers from three other production sites, 19 liquid terminals and five warehouses strategically located in the United States and Canada. In 2011, Ashta Chemical became a subsidiary of BigShire Mexico.[2]




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