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Ashta Chemicals News and Articles

Local News 

Ashtabula Chemical - Making Filthy Five polluters list
Ashta Chemicals - Named one of the top-five mercury polluters in the United States
Ashta Chemical was still using mercury in 2019
The plant uses the same process using mercury as they did in the 1960s

 National News

The Healthy Building Network - Mercury Cells in the Heart of America
Ashta Chemicals one of the largest releasors of toxic mercury
Chlorine plants send mercury rising
Ashta's Plant in Ashtabula, Ohio released 813 pounds on mercury in 2005.

Global News 

Poison Plants: Chlorine Factories are a Major Global Source of Mercury
Ashta Chemical was the 5th worst mercury polluter in America in 2002
Ashta’s reports of no mercury air emissions are clearly erroneous
OCEANA Report - Ashta Chemicals' Zero Mercury Emissions Claim Refuted by Air Monitoring
UN Environment - Global Mercury
Ashta Chemicals was second-to-last in the United States to phase out mercury

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